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Our Team

Jaine Fraser, PhD

Dr. Jaine Fraser is one of the country’s foremost experts on trial psychology.  With more than 20 years of experience and assisting in obtaining over $1 billion in verdicts, she specializes in helping high-powered litigators win challenging cases. Areas of expertise include jury selection, pre-trial research (focus groups and mock trials), theme development, witness preparation, questionnaire development, and voir dire strategy.

Dr. Fraser is a graduate of the University of Texas (BA) and Tulane University (MS and PhD in Social Psychology). Her research focused on group dynamics and group opinion formation, the cornerstone of effective jury selection.

Bo Fraser, PhD

Bo Fraser helps clients with case strategy, voir dire preparation, jury selection, witness preparation, and creating visually persuasive opening statements. As a jury psychologist with TPI, he manages research and analysis including mock trials and juror profiling. Dr. Fraser has picked juries across the United States for various types of cases and helped clients achieve record-setting verdicts.